DU Admission Test: Easy way to get a chance in ‘D’ unit

During the admission test of the ‘D’ unit of Dhaka University, I actually remember the old days. Two years ago today, I was also an admission test taker of the ‘D’ unit. By the grace of Allah, after passing the exam, I got the opportunity to get admission to the dream Dhaka University. I am trying to give some advice to the students who have been admitted this time from my experience of preparation for admission. I believe that last-minute suggestions will help many people.


The details of both the prose and verse of Bangla Prothom Patra book need to be mastered well. In this part of the Bangla question, questions are asked directly from the textbook. So the better the student can master the textbook, the more likely he is to stay ahead. Another part of the Bengali question is grammar. To prepare the grammar part, the 9th-10th grade Bangla 2nd paper book should be read underlined. You have to master all the details from this book.

If a student can master Bengali first paper of class XI-XII and Bangla second paper of class 9th-10th very well then I believe that he will get eighty to ninety percent common questions in the Bangla part of the admission test. Many other books can be read to get the rest of the common. However, at this last moment, students will be advised to refrain from reading these books, because the questions of this year’s admission test will be completely book-centric. So at the moment, the board has to focus on the book. At the same time, one more thing to keep in mind is that 100% of the questions will never be common. So there is nothing to be upset about. Preparations have to be taken with all possible means.


In the case of English, there will be the same advice as in Bengali. First of all, you have to master the English first letter book of class XI-XII very well from beginning to end. If you analyze the English part of the admission test question paper of the ‘B’ unit of Dhaka University this year, you will see that almost one hundred percent of the questions in the English part have been textbook-centric. Moreover, the authorities have announced long ago that this year the question paper of Dhaka University will be textbook-centric. So without wasting time, pay attention to the textbook that you have in hand for a few days.

Master all the details of the textbook. Ninety percent of the students who participate in the admission test of the “D” unit of Dhaka University every year fail in English. Only ten to fifteen percent of the students passed. The question is what is the main reason behind this? The main reason is that most of the students do not understand the type of question paper. They fall behind in strategy. Remember, more study is not just about getting a chance, but also learning strategies. And the strategy to get a chance this year is to fully assimilate the English first letter textbook of class XI-XII. I don’t think it would be wrong to call it a Trump card. If you can master the textbook, then hopefully you will do well in the admission test.

General Knowledge:

There is no chance to give any special tips for the general knowledge part. Because this part is not specific to any syllabus. Common sense is like a vast ocean of water that never ends. So I don’t think it would be right to give any fixed suggestions for this part. Still give a little hint.

Last year’s questions of the ‘D’ unit of Dhaka University have to be solved several times. If you solve the question bank more than once, you will get an idea of ​​the topics from which the question is asked. Read all the details of those topics from a good general knowledge book available in the market. The basics of general knowledge need to be revised again and again. At the same time, pay special attention to the recent events.

Every year in the admission test of the “D” unit of Dhaka University, there are many questions from the recent issues in the general knowledge section. If you can’t answer them, you may have to fall behind. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the issues happening at both the national and global levels. A book called “Recent Views” has been released on the market recently. If you want help can be taken from it.

What to do when taking the test:

The biggest challenge in the test hall is to keep your brain cool. At this time extra stress is felt in the brain so even simple questions often go wrong. In this case, I am sharing with you the tricks that I followed in the admission test of the ‘D’ unit of Dhaka University. First General Knowledge, then Bengali, then English.

Half of the total examination time was for general knowledge and Bangla part and the remaining half was for English only. This gives a lot of time to solve the English part of the problem and thus get rid of the confusion of grammatical rules. And the biggest thing is to be confident. If you have these three things of strong self-confidence, hard perseverance, and help from the Creator, your dream will surely come to true InshaAllah. The famous Dhaka University of ‘Oxford of the East is waiting for you. And only a few days away. So use the time. It’s time to dump her and move on. Good luck to all. 

 Author: Student, Dhaka University

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