50 Fruits Name: We are going to let you know!

50 Fruits Name in English and Hindi

50 Fruits Name: We are going to let you know!

If you are looking for a list of fruit names, this article is for you. We are going to let you know 50 Fruits’ Name, so you can learn about different types of fruit and what they are called.

50 Fruits Name
50 Fruits Name

The English names for fruits are often very different from the Hindi names, which can make it difficult to know what you‘re looking for when shopping. However, by learning some of the most common fruits names in both English and Hindi, you‘ll be able to find what you need and communicate with the vendors more easily. This information will be helpful whether you are shopping for fruit or just want to learn more about them.

What are fruits?

Fruits are a type of food that comes from plants. They are often sweet and have a pleasant taste. People eat fruits as a part of a healthy diet. They are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Fruits are available in many colors, including red, blue, and green.

Types of fruits

There are many different types of fruits, and each has its own unique flavor, texture, and nutritional value. Some of the most popular fruits include apples, bananas, oranges, and strawberries. Each type of fruit has its own unique set of benefits. so, it is important to choose the right type of fruit for your needs.

50 Fruits Name in English and Hindi

Here is the list of 50 fruit names in different languages. We have given the names in English and Hindi so that our visitors can get some things in 2 formats. Let’s look at the names!

No Fruit Name in English Fruit Name in Hindi
1 Apple सेब
2 Banana केला
3 Coconut नारियल
4 Date fruit खजूर
5 Fig अंजीर
6 Orange संतरा
7 Pineapple अनानास
8 Apricots खुबानी
9 Almond बादाम
10 Avocado मक्खनफल
11 Papaya पपीता
12 Wood Apple बेल
13 Barberry दारुहल्दी
14 Black Currant फालसेब
15 Blackberry जामुन
16 Blueberry नीलबदरी
17 Breadfruit विलायती फल
18 Cashews काजू
19 Cherry चेरी फल
20 Custard Apple सरीफा
21 Date fruit खजूर
22 Dragon Fruit ड्रैगन फल
23 Watermelon तरबूज
24 Pomegranate अनार्
25 Raisins किसमिस
26 Sapota, Naseberry चीकू
27 Sweet orange मौसमी
28 Tamarind इमली
29 Water-chestnut सिंघाड़ा
30 Guava अमरुद
31 Lemon निम्बू
32 Gooseberry आँवला
33 Starfruit करमल
34 Peach आड़ू/सतालू
35 Prickly pear कांटेदार नाशपाती
36 Pear नाशपाती
37 pomelo चकोतरा
38 Plum बेर, आलूभुखारा
39 Grapes अंगूर्
40 Musk-melon खरबुजा
41 Quince श्रीफल/बही
42 passion कृष्णा फल
43 Palm fruit ताड़ का फल
44 Malay Apple / Rose Apple / Bell fruit हरा जामुन
45 Red banana लाल केला
46 Soursop लक्ष्मण फल
47 Sugar cane गन्ना
48 Jackfruit कटहल
49 Litchi लीची
50 Mulberry शहतूत

Today we are just given you here 50 Fruits Name!
But, we have indivdual post for each fruits including it’s details including scientific name, history of creation or production, quality. Click the link below to all the importance of those fruits!

The list of 50 Fruits name in English and Hindi is a great resource for anyone looking to learn the Hindi language. With this list, you can easily learn the names of common fruits in both English and Hindi.

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